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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bangkok Seaview Restaurant

Bangkok Seaview Restaurant (Bangkok, Thailand)

Many think that the closest place to find the sea is Pattaya or Bang-pu but recently we found out that just around Rama II road, in Bangkok, there is a quick exit to the sea. Turning left just after the BigC Rama II and driving about 10-12 km on a nice new paved road you almost reach to the sea. First you reach a small pier from where you take a long tail boat and they will take you to the Bangkok Seaview Restaurant.

From the long tail boat
The boat ride takes around 20 minutes and it costs 50 BHT for adults and I think 20 BHT for kids.

Nothing unusual, boat ride is smooth and gives you the opportunity to shoot some pics along the canal (klong). Finally you reach to the sea and the restaurant is right there all on the water.

Bangkok seaview restaurant

Fried squid - half squid, half onion probably to control the prices :)
Simple atmosphere (to simple maybe)

All the restaurant is on the water

The good thing about restaurant is that you won't hear to much noise around as it is built on the sea so it is quite a good choice for a relaxing afternoon with some seafood and a cold Singha beer (not many choices here). Prices are not to high in this restaurant but in the meantime you shall not expect to much as well. The waiters are just kids who don't know any of the menus or what they are selling.

Food is reasonable good and it doesn't go into the "great food" category. What we noticed are many seafood restaurants on the way to Bangkok Seaview and those were absolutely packed with people which, in Thailand, means that food reaches to the "great food" category and prices are reasonable as well.

Finally the location of the Bangkok Seaview restaurant is here. On the GPS or Google Earth you can insert these coordinates.
N 13.52776
E 100.42171

Here is the small pier where you take the boat to restaurant. This features a guarded park lot for your car.

Let us know how was your experience at Bangkok Seafood restaurant by adding a comment or drop us a note in the contact us form.

Have a great food in Thailand! :)

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