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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Tiger Shrine Bangkok

The Tiger Shrine Temple - Bangkok, Thailand

There are more than 40,000 (forty thousand) temples in Thailand and no matter how much I would try, it would be quite impossible to see even a half of them, however every time I see something new or interesting, like the Tiger Shrine, sharing is a must.

No evidence can tell that the Tiger Shrine really existed but from the telling of the people that live near by and by asking the old abbot we can assume that the shrine existed more than 90 years ago, or before 1917.

At first it was only a small wooden shrine near the big bodhi tree at the East of the old church. Inside the wooden shrine there were the tiger drawings for worship. Later on the people who had faith rebuilt the shrine and the image of the tiger god.

The form of the tiger shrine and image of the tiger are seen nowadays right here at the Tiger Shrine temple in Bangkok.

The image on the left shows brand new painted dragon poles at the temple entrance.

Wax monks statues at the Tiger shrine - they are quite impressive.

 Within the Tiger Shrine there are a few worship places which looks like houses. They are all interesting, some of them holding was monks statues, other golden statues of Buddha. The entrance is free but the shoes must be taken off before entering any of these worship places.

Near by there is a canal and you can feed the fish as well - considered a donation.

Wooden floor makes it nice to walk through
Golden statues - worship place
Buddha statues along with a story written under each one of it

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Enjoy your Thailand trip!

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