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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thailand Eastern Bangkok sacrificed flooded - October 2011

Eastern Bangkok sacrificed

Updated: 20.Oct.2011
In order to try to save the economic heart of the capital from flooding, the government has finally opted to use the eastern part of Bangkok to drain massive amounts of floodwaters from the northern outskirts. The drainage of floodwaters through eastern Bangkok will affect seven of its districts, namely Sai Mai, Klong Sam Wa, Kannayao, Min Buri, Lat Krabang, Bang Khen and Nong Chok.

All six districts of Nonthaburi province are now flooded with Bang Bua Thong and Pak Kret districts being the worst hit. I know people living around Bang Bua Tong and they are staying in the houses at the second floor as the first floor is all flooded. Some were more lucky and took the value objects up to the second floor, others just saw their kitchen and living rooms flooded with all the furniture and electronics in.

In regards to the drinking water The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority has declared tap water in the capital safe after failing to find hazardous chemicals that may have leaked from inundated industrial parks in Ayutthaya and Pathum Thani.

The most updated map is here below and it shows how the goverment plans to divert the water to East and West through 3 canals.

Bangkok flood - water redirection for saving Bangkok city

Bangkok - flood danger areas

Previous days updates and maps are here:

(These information comes from various sources that I read like newspapers and internet)

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