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Laos country map

Laos has a rich history stretching back 10,000 years. At its height, it ruled over present day Laos and much of neighbouring northern Thailand. Landlocked and laid-back, it’s a unique spin on the Southeast Asia experience.

Here Buddhism permeates every facet of life, change comes slowly, and cities bed down early. The perfect place to break from office politics or put a pause in a hyperactive travel agenda, this land of mountain, mists and untamed natural beauty tempts with unrivalled peace and serenity.

Open your heart, open your mind, and let the genuine faith and generous hospitality of Laos replenish your soul.

Laos - Budha Park, a place about 30 KM from the capital Vientiane

Vientiane city - Laos
Vientiane, the capital of Laos, has a population of 200,000 and is one of southeast Asia's most relaxed capitals, with relatively little traffic in the streets. There are no tall buildings in the capital and it brings a combination of Lao, Chinese, Thai, French, Russian and American elements. The city is located in a fertile plain on a broad curve on the northeastern bank of the Mekong River. It was established as the capital of Lan Xang in 1560. When Lan Xang fell apart in 1707, it became an independent kingdom. In 1779, it was conquered by the Siamese general Phraya Chakri and made a vassal of Siam. Later it became the capital of Laos under the French protectorate in the late 19th century. It has continued as the capital until today.

Temple in Laos

It is a great idea to Visit Laos and the capital Vientiane. Just enjoy the quietness of a simple place with clean air, low pollution , not many cars on the street and excellent traditional and international food.