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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thailand Ayothaya Floating Market


Entrance to Ayohtaya floating market - a walk along the wall

The new attraction, Ayodhya floating market has an area of about 60 rai and it is located near by Elephant Ayodhya temple Maheyong, known as the biggest market with Ayutthaya province. A vintage antique market, surrounded by nature and water. Ayodhya floating market has about 249 stores from which food shops around 50, Tai Lam Community Market Way more than 40 stores and another 159 shops along the river walk. Shopping district contains products from the villagers or OTOP products in a lot of variety.

The market is open everyday from 10AM to about 9PM.
Inside the floating market - Thai name is displayed on the wooden board

The name of the market sound almost same like the name of Ayuthaia province so it is easy to remember for this reason. As for the directions to Ayothaya floating market just look north of bankok about 70 KM - you can take a taxi or drive your car there. Parking available near the market for about 20 BHT per day.

A lot of souvenirs can be found while walking among the shops and restaurants of the floating market.

They sell nice t-shirts with the name of the floating market Ayothaya and there are available a few hand-painted items which include clothing and accessories. For about 60 Bht to 100 Bht you can get your name on a t-shirt or a phone bag.

Food stalls in Ayothaia Floating Market: shell, squid, prawn, crab fish and many more
A place for ecotourism, Ayohtaya floating market is a place for those who enjoy a nice Saturday or Sundat afternoon with friends or family in a relaxing place. A lot of food shops are scattered around the river walk. From fish and shrimp to squid and crab and from chicken to pork and thai sweets including ice-cream you can find just about any types of food here. I would recommend pha-thai noodles and papaya salad or "som-tam" - don't forget to order some fried chicken and the special noodle soup (coi-tiew).

Thai style restaurant- Ayothaya
Thai style restaurants are a pleasure to sit and eat in this floating market - Thai iced tea is a great option for a hot summer day.... but what am I saying, if you going to Thailand, everyday is a summer day. (You can get it online too - see the image on the right)

Another interesting attraction of the Ayothaya floating market is the boat trip as you can sit on a (approx) 20 people boat and enjoy a trip around and through the market. Here below there are some images we took during this trip.

Boat trip in the floating market

Floating market girl show - traditional costumes

Boat trip and walking bridge

View from the Ayothaya Floating Market entry bridge

Country: Thailand
Province name: Ayutthaya
Place name: Ayothaya Floating Market (ตลาดน้ําอโยธยา)

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There is another market named Ayutthaya Floating Market and it features a theatre and here it is the address:

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