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Friday, June 24, 2011

Singapore China Town

Singapore a city-country in South Asia quite close to Ecuator brings various surprises to a traveler. The first thing that you would be impressed with is the fact that Singapore is a very clean place; there are no papers, no cigarette buds or trash on the streets with only a few exceptions unnoticeable. In my multiple trips to Singapore there is one place that I always go back to see almost every time, this is the Singapore China Town.

All through the year you can enjoy great Chinese food and snacks as well as Singapore souvenirs on the streets of China Town. I would recommend a couple of restaurants which are totally great places to eat Chinese food and enjoy a beer. One of the best times in the year to visit China Town is during the Chinese New Year, sometimes in February. We've been there in February 2011 when they celebrate the Year of the Rabbit and we had a great time here.

Some of the photos we took are right here below. There is a full festivity and celebration during this time of the year and the streets of China Town are packed with people from all over the world.

How to get in Chinatown? That is easy; just take the Exit A (on Pagoda Street) of North-East MRT line's Chinatown station and it will bring you right in the middle of the action. Clarke Quay, Boat Quay and the Singapore River to the north are also close to Chinatown and are worth visiting. I will cover it in a different post.

Singapore Chinatown - New Year decorations
Singapore Chinatown snacks and souvenirs
Chinatown in Singapore - beautifully decorated for the New Year
Temple in Singapore Chinatown

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