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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Terminal 21 mall Bangkok Thailand

Terminal 21 from 1st floor

Terminal 21 building เทอมินอล 21 is a new and mixed-use complex on Sukhumvit Road, near Asoke intersection in Bangkok, Thailand. It opened in October 2011 and it is unique by it's design concept of the floors.

It has two parts of the complex:
A. The retail complex has a total of 9 stories. Main anchors are health club of Fitness First 8 screens of SF Cinema City and Gourmet Market, a supermarket of The Mall Group.
B. The Grande Centre Point Hotel & Residence Sukhumvit-Terminal 21 has a total of 42 stories, 202 metres high building.

Terminal 21 is a one floor - one concept shopping mall and we decided to visit it on the 3rd of January 2012 as it was still a national holiday in Thailand. Overall it is a nice new place which tries to make you feel like in an airport as all the floors have Departure signs and there are some other signs similar to an airport.

LG Floor - Caribbean
This floor concept is Caribbean Beach Town, decorated with beach, sea anchor and lighthouse. It reserved for supermarket of Gourmet Market, quick service restaurants, banks, bookstores and convenient service shops.

G Floor - Rome
This reserved for luxury brands and brand name boutiques, concept is Heaven of Rome. It decorated sculptures with marble mythic of Roman statues and well-known paintings.

M Floor - Paris
It's Champs-Élysées Boulevard and Parisian Boutiques Streets concept, served for Thai designer's boutiques and beauty shops. It decorated sculptures with Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower.

1st Floor - Tokyo
This floor is concept of Nakamise-Dōri Market and Harajuku Town. It reserved for ladies' boutiques, decorated sculptures with Sumo, Torii and Maneki Neko.

2nd Floor - London
This decorated sculptures with iconic red telephone boxes, London's double-decker busses, Tower Bridge and Union Jack Flag. It concept is Oxford Street of London, served for mini-shops of men's wears, jeans and sporting goods. Here we found a few nice clothes shops, nice as in unique and good design, something not easy to find in Bangkok these days.

3rd Floor - Istanbul
This floor is Istanbul Market Town concept, decorated with Istanbul's lamps. It reserved for mini-shops of shoes, bags, jewellery, gifts and decoration products.

4th Floor - San Francisco city
This concept is Chinatown of San Francisco. It decorated sculptures with San Francisco Trams and Golden Gate Bridge, served for Thailand's famous restaurants.

5th Floor - San Francisco pier
This floor reserved for international restaurants and food court of Pier21. It decorated with seaports and fisherman village, concept is Fisherman Village of San Francisco. The restaurant are just the general ones that you can find almost in any malls in Bangkok, like Swensens, Steak Lao, Fuji, Sunrise Taccos shop and others - I would say nothing special here and quite high prices.

6th Floor - Hollywood
Concept is Hollywood Studio Town, decorated sculptures with Hollywood Sign and Oscar Statuette. It reserved for 8 screens of SF Cinema City, health club of Fitness First, spa and IT & Mobile products zone of IT Terminal.

Rome floor - Terminal 21
Gift shop in Terminal 21 Bangkok

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