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Monday, November 7, 2011

Hong Kong - Happy Valley holiday

A short break in Happy Valley, on the island of Hong Kong

* After quite a pleasant flight, the plane landed on the Hong Kong International Airport which is a bit far from the city, near Lantau island. The immigration procedures didn't took that long like in other places around SE Asia so I would say its fine in HK.

Next step was to reach into the city of Hong Kong so I got my train ticket - yes, the Airport Express is a superb train that takes you in about 25 minutes from airport straight in the city of Hong Kong - at Central station. Price is 180 HK$ for round-trip which is way cheaper than the taxi - which I heard could be around 300 HK$ (one way).

From Central station I was heading towards Happy Valley where I had my hotel booked and the best way for doing this, along with my heavy bags, was to take a taxi - short ride, about 50HK$ and in 10 minutes I was in front of the hotel.
Emperor Happy Valley hotel - Hong Kong

 My accommodation in Hong Kong was Emperor Hotel Happy Valley, a hotel that was recommended by a friend in Hong Kong and turn out to be a good place to stay. I was staying on the 21st floor with a nice view. Hotel is surrounded by narrow streets and very high buildings in a truly Hong Kong style landscape. Good thing about staying here is that from Happy Valley is easy to access other interesting areas of Hong Kong like Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, and further on as there is train connection to all the city.

Happy Valley is a mostly residential suburb of Hong Kong, located in the northern part of Hong Kong Island.

Happy Valley is made up of upper income residential areas, and its residents include of a mix of Hong Kong natives and foreigners as well. Two of the tallest residential buildings in Hong Kong, the "Highcliff" and "The Summit" are located in Happy Valley facing Mount Nicholson and the rest of Hong Kong.

Feeling surrounded in Happy Valley

Tall buildings in Hong Kong - Happy Valley
Happy Valley also provides a number of high end restaurants and hotels, and is a rendezvous point for many Hong Kong celebrities. Because of this, much paparazzi activities are present in the area. Many Hong Kong television series are filmed in Happy Valley, too.

The Happy Valley Racecourse is still operational today - beware of the traffic during races, as it would be traffic jam and difficult to find a parking spot for your car.

Tofu meal in Hong Kong - delicious

Dumplings with beef / chicken - absolutely great food in Hong Kong

A glass of beer in Hong Kong - San Miguel is popular

Tofu and lamb fried with onion and white rice - Hong Kong food

Hong Kong Happy Vally landscape - street and restaurants
Some of the best food in Asia I have eaten in Hong Kong. Delicious Chinese foods is available on cheaper street restaurants or more expensive ones. Sure, it is recommended to have a guide that speaks Cantonese and knows what to order as a lot of food menus would be written only in Chinese although some of them have English language and some of them have pictures as well.

Almost forgot, in Happy Valley you can enjoy night life in a few bars or just go to Wan Chai and discover further on, there are a few quite nice restaurants and beer bars as well as go-go style bars with girls from all over Asia willing to have a drink with you. It is not exactly like in Bangkok tho, Hong Kong is more quiet and hidden behind closed doors while in some Bangkok places inside or outside the bar is almost same!

Cheers! Enjoy and let me know if you have any comment/questions.

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  1. I went to Hong Kong before 6 months and i loved HK very much.The tall buildings of HK are amazing.The food is very delicious.I liked the dish "chicken curry with rice" very much.Even the people of HK are very helpful.

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