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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Flood water enters Bangkok city

Updated situation, as of 8 Nov 2011, on the Bangkok flooding is here  - one thing is for sure: the water enters Bangkok city from below, from down under, from the canals under the city and then it pops-up in houses, yards, streets.

Click on the flooding map on the left to see the full size image.

In the last couple of day the water was allowed in, into city of Bangkok flooding arease of Lak-si and coming down to Ratch-Yothin (Major Ratcha-Yothin) intersection and down to Lad Prao. Water is also present at Rachada-LadPrao intersection, yesterday announcing that water reached Chaophraya Prak Hotel which is very close to Sutthisan intersection (Rachadapisek road).

What is coming next we shall see. I think this is a proof that other areas of the city can be flooded and nothing can actually be safe here. So this also means that condo and houses/land prices will not grow exponentially in the non-flooded areas compared to flooded areas - but this is a speculation only - mine. :)

Anyway it seems that Chatuchak Market is open even tho the flooding water is at its gates. They are using pumps to get rid of the water allowing people to do shopping. About 50% of the shops are actually open.

On Phahon Yothin road water from the north is spreading to the Kamphaeng Phet intersection and creeping nearer to the Mor Chit northern bus station, reports said on Sunday. At the Lat Phrao intersection, the water has reached in front of St John's University.

In the west, the floodwater has reached Soi Kamnan Maen in Bang Ban district and previous reports say that water will reach Rama II road shortly (this was on TV on Saturday night)

The risk is higher now than last week when the water tides were the highest. Why is that? Why this turns out to be a never-ending story? I don't know but I know "we" like publicity!

There is a updated flooding and risk map below for Eastern Bangkok:
Eastern Bangkok flooding protection and risk

However, a lack of coordination between water management officials at both the city and national level has probably put more areas in danger.

In a "new" worst-case scenario, the only option to solve the crisis would be to let the water drain through flood-ways which are not regulated by gates or pumps resulting in no control over the flow.

"Water drainage via flood-ways is something people on the job don't want to talk about," said Sutat Weesakul, a member of the Water Drainage in Disaster Areas Committee.

"They all know that by draining water via flood-ways, people downstream could be at high risk of being flooded."

The eastern side of Bangkok, home to Suvarnabhumi airport and the Bang Chan and Lad Krabang industrial estates, is a major concern for business, politicians and officials.

Rachadapisek road flooded -

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