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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Water begins to drain out of Bangkok

After more than a month of flooding in Thailand and in Bangkok, the flooding water level starts to go down like showing us a sign of peace. So far there were more than 500 casualties of the flooding throughout Thailand. Below there is a flooding map showing the current situation as of 15-16 Nov 2011.

Bangkok flooding update map as of 15-16 Nov 2011
While in many areas of Bangkok the water is almost drained out, the battle still takes place in the North part of the city where the water inflow is just to high for the current pumps. It is true that government allocated a lot of water pumps to drain out the water from the capital. Below here there is the updated flooding situation in a visual presentation.
Water inflow in the North part of Bangkok

* The images are provided by various internet sources and we are not responsible for the accuracy of the data. This is just a blog that wants to keep its readers up to date with the flooding situation in Bangkok and provide other more or less subjective information - just like any other blog.

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