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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bangkok China Town - Vegetatian food festival

Bangkok Chinatown - Vegetarian food festival

The Thailand vegetarian food festival is happening this year at the end of September and beginning of October (2011) so this is a great opportunity to enjoy the foods in China town. Bangkok's China town is also called Yawarat because it lays along the Yawarat road. It is a nice place to visit but quite hot area of Bangkok and there are many narrow streets where you can find all kind of foods and merchandise on sale and wholesale.

From needles to shoes, purses, beauty accessories, bags, cosmetics, watches and gold they have everything in Yawarat.

Below here are a few pictures taken on Saturday, 02 October 2011 in the middle of the vegetarian food festival.

See if you can recognize any of those delicious vegetarian foods and drop a comment.

Yawarat China Town - entry gate

Vegetarian food festival logo

These are spring rolls in China town

Dumplings - these are quite good to try

Banners all over China town to announce the vegetarian festival

I told you there are purses too

Black duck? vegetarian? :) no way!

China town temple, in the backstreets of Yawarat

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