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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thailand and Bangkok flooding

Updated: 19.Oct.2011

Flood is in Bangkok already, as of 19 Oct 2011.

Afternoon 19 October:
Vibhavadi Rangsit road flooded
The flooding in Nonthaburi province (nearby Bangkok) has reached a critical level, with all districts now inundated, the provincial governor said on Wednesday. Future Park Rangsit mall is also closed today and will be closed tomorrow as well due to floodings.

This being said shall we expect water in Bangkok city? Yes or yes?

Last night (Tuesday) Thai TV presented news in English but the way of speaking was quite unclear and a bit around the subject which may be normal for how things are spoken here but certainly does not give an answer for the Bangkok population.

People working at the many flooded factories will not loose their jobs and will receive monthly income from the Social Security Fund. So far the foreign companies do not plan to close any factories, and we are talking about Canon, Honda and more.

Morning 19 October:
The industrial estate Nava Nakorn is completely submerged and the residents forced to fee the area. Nonthaburi province residents in three tambons of Pak Kret district have been told to prepare to evacuate after water runoff from Pathum Thani surged into the area.

Authorities reported that the rapid increase in flood levels was caused by excess water overflowing the Phraya Banlue water gate in Nonthaburi's Bang Bua Thong district. Floods in certain areas have risen above three (3) metres.

In protection of Bangkok city the six-kilometre-long dykes were built to a height of 2.5m above the mean sea level and more are under construction with 500,000 sandbags.

But that seemed not to be enough for the campaign as Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra said the BMA needed 2 million sandbags for the dyke in 48 hours. The BMA can produce 250,000 more per day and the government has promised to supply 1 million more.

"We need to make the barrier wider and stronger. That is our objective today," the governor said.

Afternoon 18 October:
It seems that the water level at Pak-kret Municipality, on the north of Nonthaburi, at noon was up two centimetres from yesterday according to a reporter who lives in Pakkret and has been inspecting the water level at noon for the past six days.

The current is swift and strong. It takes about 2 hours for the water mass from Pakkret to reach the heart of Bangkok.

Morning 18 October:
The flooding in Thailand and North part of Bangkok continues as of 18 October 2011. Bangkok governor Sukhumbhand P. has warned that the capital city could be hit by floods tomorrow (Wednesday), as a large volume of northern runoff has been flowing into Khlong Rangsit, putting the north of the city at risk.
The torrent of water is expected to reach old airport, Don Meuang, within tomorrow.

The government had alerted City Hall that they could no longer hold back the flood water and that they could not reduce the amount flowing into Khlong Rangsit, Khlong 8 and Khlong 9 in neighbouring Pathum Thani province.

Not sure exactly where to expect the water in Bangkok city and I certainly hope that not in all the streets!

The Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate in Pathum Thani has become the latest casualty of flooding as some parts of the estate have been hit by northern runoff, prompting the government to issue immediate evacuation alerts for workers and nearby residents.

Torrents of northern runoff on Monday breached an embankment in the north of the industrial estate near Khlong Chiang Rak, submerging more than 10 manufacturing plants.

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