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Friday, October 28, 2011

Bangkok flooding protection measures

As of 2nd of November 2011 instead of saying that water is being drained and everyday is better, we can say that flooding water advances in Bangkok and reaches Pahon Yothin road around intersection of Racha-Yothin which is not a place that should be flooded anyways. Seems all of this happens due to the fact that they are letting the water come in ... ok, prepare the boots and boats! :)

Recent updates, as of Monday 31 October 2011, are saying that the flooding situation will not get any worse than it already is, which is a "happy flooding news" in a way, still sorry for all those under water! The Prime Minister of Thailand said that the flooding in Bangkok is unlikely to get any worse than it is now.

On the other side a bunch of "citizens" (they used "angry villagers" in the news) take the law in their hands as about 500 local residents who earlier on Monday blocked a section of Nimit Mai Road and destroyed part of the canal floodwall in Khlong Sam Wa district. They were demanding the government raise the sluicegate from an 80cm opening to 150cm.

Good job guys! haha + speechless ! ... :-) ... so finally government agreed to their protests.

She said that all the watergates were now controlled, the water level would stabilise over the next day or two.

The floodgate at Khlong Sam Wa would be operated systematically to make sure the Lat Krabang and Bang Chan industrial estates in the east were not affected.

As of 30 October 2011, it seems that Bangkok is a bit more stable in terms of flooding but still the flooding is serious as residents living along canals in parts of northern Bangkok were warned Sunday to be ready to evacuate if needed because of the spread of floods that have so far spared most of the Thai capital.

"The problem is not yet over. It's still serious," said Bangkok governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra.

"People who live on both sides of canals in Lak Si, Lad Prao, Chatuchak and Bang Khen: be ready to evacuate to safer areas," he said, referring to four northern Bangkok districts.

Based on the latest news, we are still unsure on how the flooding would affect Bangkok city so about 50,000 troops have been deployed in Bangkok and neighbouring provinces under an action plan to protect important establishments from inundation.

The situation is more serious at Charoen Krung road in Yan Nawa district of Bangkok which is now under more than 50 centimetres deep water, the reports said.

The overflow also inundated Songwad road in Bangkok’s Sampantawong district, according to the reports and water level was reported at 50-80 cm.

14 roads were closed in Bangkok due to flooding, and these are:

Northern of Bangkok:
1. Vibhavadi Rangsit: between National Memorial and Lak Si intersection
2. Phahon Yothin: between National Memorial and Soi Phahon Yothin 50
3. Khamphaeng Phet 6 (local road): between the entrance to Muang Ake housing estate to Thung Song Hong intersection
4. Songprapa: between Sri Saman and Kor Sor Bor intersections
5. Weluwanaram: the entire road
6. Liap Khlong Song: between Air Force Palathikarn and Sapan Poon intersections
7. Chantharubeksa: between Air Force Academy and Chantharubeksa intersections

Western Bangkok:
8. Charan Sanitwong: between Bang Phlad intersection and Sirindhorn interchange
9. Arun Amarin: between Arun Amarin intersection and Sirindhorn elevated road
10. Boromratchachonnani:between Pin Klao bridge and Sirindhorn elevated road
11. Boromratchachonnani:between Phutthamonthon 3 and Phutthamonthon 4 intersections
12. Sirindhorn: between Bang Phlat intersection and Sirindhorn elevated road
13. Uthayan: between Uthayan and Phutthamonthon 3 intersections
14. Sala Thammasop: the entire road

Here below there is a map of flooding situation in Bangkok as of 28 Oct 2011
Bangkok flooding update 28 Oct 2011
It said that the highest levels of water will be reached in Chao Phraya river during this weekend and more exactly on Saturday, 29 Oct 2011, after which water is expected to decrease but again, it is not sure yet how hard Bangkok will be hit by the flooding and for how long.

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