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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bangkok flood worse case scenario

Wednesday morning I posted the worst case scenario which was confirmed now in the evening at a Thai local TV station. Now it is not anymore the worst case scenario but it is something that is going to happen in the next hours in Bangkok. Simply said, they tried to stop the water which was not the smartest idea as now there are 4,000 million cubic meters of water running down towards Bangkok city!

The worst case scenario in regards to Thailand and more exactly Bangkok flooding in 2011 is illustrated in the below graphic. So far various areas of Bangkok are already flooded like Don Muang, areas around Chao Phraya river, around Grand Palace and more. There are no floodings in central Bangkok yet (as of 26 October 2011).

Bangkok blooding - worse case scenario 2011
Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra warned Bangkok residents in all areas last night to brace for flooding after advancing runoff from the north of Bangkok surged into Don Mueang airport yesterday.

In addition to the scenario presented above, the real situation map is right below in the illustration. 
Bangkok flooding situation - 26 October 2011

Khlong Hok Wa flood barrier is one of the two major barriers that block floodwater runoff from Pathum Thani from surging into the northern part of Bangkok. The other barrier is in tambon Lak Hok of Pathum Thani which connects to Bangkok's Don Muang district.

Floodwater destroyed some earth dykes near Lak Hok flood barrier raising concerns over pressure from a huge volume of water flowing into the city.

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